The North American Thyroid Cancer Survivorship Study

Welcome to NATCSS

The North American Thyroid Cancer Survivorship Study is a multicenter study designed by researchers at the University of Chicago to comprehensively evaluate the physical, emotional, and psychological impact of having thyroid cancer. 

About the Study

Incidence rates of thyroid cancer (TC) have increased substantially worldwide in the past several decades.  In a recent project, we estimated that by 2019, thyroid cancer will be the 3rd most common cancer in women of all ages, and the second most common cancer in women under the age of 45 in the United States. Statistics from the Canadian Cancer Society show that thyroid cancer is now the most frequently diangosed cancer in people between the ages of 15-29 in Canada. The majority of these patients will live full lives after their diagnosis but they will need life-long surveillance. It is important that all aspects of thyroid cancer survivorship are well characterized such that appropriate tools and interventions can be developed to assist thyroid cancer survivors in the challenges that this cancer diagnosis poses.

Over the next several years, NATCSS will work with investigators across the United States and Canada in the establishment of a thyroid cancer survivorship cohort including participants from the University of Chicago, The University of Arizona, Harvard University, Columbia University, The University of Rochester, The University of California at San Francisco, McGill University, the Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association, Thyroid Cancer Canada, and BiteMe Cancer.  The data collected from NATCSS will allow us to evaluate many different scientific questions relating the impact of thyroid cancer on survivor quality of life.  We hope that this project will lessen the cancer burden experienced by thyroid cancer survivors in the United States and beyond.

Your participation can vitally improve the overall health of persons with thyroid cancer, their families, and loved ones.